New police gender initiative launched through roadshow

For the past months the Gender Unit of the Palestinian Civil Police has developed and prepared a communication campaign to further the implementation of the Police Gender Strategy. These weeks, the campaign is being rolled out across the West Bank...

Firm IT security strengthens the public’s trust

In Palestine and elsewhere, public institutions are constantly challenged when it comes to digital handling of sensitive information in a way that earn public trust. A key element is maintaining a firm high level of IT security.

Out of prison, and then what?

How can society contribute to reducing the risk of released prisoners committing new crimes and going back into imprisonment? One way is through a reintegration process. This process begins long before the release and continues long after the...

Chief of the Palestinian Police welcomed by the Head of Mission

The Head of EUPOL COPPS, Kauko Aaltomaa and key members of the Mission’s Senior Management has conducted a successful two-hour consultation with the Chief of Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), Major General Hazem Attallah and six of his senior...

Fighting crime with information

Information Led-Policing is a concept used to enable the police to direct their law enforcing activities proactively in order to prevent and handle crimes, threats or disorder more efficiently.

Working together to make the strategy work

For most strategic plans, the implementation often exceeds the efforts put into developing and drafting the plan itself. To make any strategy work, it needs to be unfolded.