Traffic fines mushroom in Palestine after enhanced police enforcement

Thousands of Palestinian motorists have been confronted with fines for seat-belt and speeding violations. Since September, the Palestinian Civil Police has beefed-up its presence and activities in the streets of Palestine resulting in a significant...

The Mission and the Ministry of Justice build training capacities on gender issues

Last week, the Mission completed a 3-day Training of Trainers course on Gender Concepts for the Gender Unit in the Ministry of Justice. The training forms part of a broader effort to build an in-house training capacity and support the development of...

Orange Lighting and Cultural Activities in Ramallah Conclude 16 Days of Activism in Palestine

The 16 Days of Activism joint campaign in Palestine “#HearMeToo: Voices against Violence,” which gathered the UN, EUPOL COPPS, EU, its Member States, and international development partners concluded its 16-day joint journey on Monday 10 December.

We must continue to raise our voices against violence

Yesterday, we ended our campaign for the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women. To mark the moment and to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Mission Members gathered with their counterparts from...

Minister of Justice acknowledges completion of training by law-drafting officials

The Minister of Justice, H.E Ali Abu Diak, today awarded Training Certificates to seven Palestinian senior officials, who have completed Phases I and II of a Training-of-Trainers course organized by EUPOL COPPS, the EU Police and Rule of Law Mission...

Congratulations to 15 Palestinian Master Trainers

For the past couple of months, 15 Palestinian Judges and Prosecutors have undergone training in theoretical and practical training skills, so-called Train-the-Trainer training. The course has qualified the participants to become Master Trainers,...