20 Palestinian prison officers conclude 3 training courses in quelling prison disorder

Jericho, March 28, 2012 - Twenty Palestinian prison officers from the Corrections and Rehabilitations Centres Department (CRCD) concluded on Wednesday multi-skills training courses in combating threatening situations in the West Bank city of Jericho.
The Palestinian Special Police Force (SPF) trainers taught the participants how to deal with inmates in the event of a challenging situation, but without inflicting injury and violating inmates’ rights.
The trainers showed the participants three main training drills: basic civil defence tactics, how to use police baton known as Tonfa and how to respond promptly to quell any threatening situation by the inmates. As this training is now finalized, the CRCD has its first trained Quick Response Team in the Prison of Jericho.    
The four-week training At Jericho Correction and Rehabilitation Centre was supported by EUPOL COPPS’ Police Advisory and Rule of Law sections.
The Dutch-funded facility, designed and built in line with international penitentiary standards, became operational in September 2011 and houses up to 152 inmates.

The Palestinian Civil Police plans to have similar training to other Corrections and Rehabilitations Centers Departments in the West Bank.