“It’s satisfying when forensic evidence is used to deliver justice,” EUPOL COPPS’ Forensics Adviser talks about her work

Dr Sabina Resic Lindehammer, from Sweden, has one piece of advice for any applicants hoping to work as forensic experts. “Don’t say you were inspired by watching Miami CSI!”. According to her, real forensic work is much less glamorous and high heels...

Statement by the operational HQ of EU civilian missions (CPCC) on the current pandemic

We are faced with the temporary, but severe Covid 19-pandemic.
All civilian CSDP Missions abide by the local regulations and implement the internationally recommended precautionary measures to shield humans from the virus. Many mission staff members...

Measures adopted by EUPOL COPPS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

As part of the ongoing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect members of the public, all but essential EUPOL COPPS staff members have been working from home since 8 March 2020.
In consultation with the local authorities, as of 23...

With an elbow bump in place of a handshake, EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission meets Minister of Justice to discuss ongoing cooperation

An elbow bump rather than a handshake, a respectful distance, and a Ministry of Justice where all but essential staff are teleworking – these were the socially responsible measures that formed the backdrop for a meeting between EUPOL COPPS Head of...

EUPOL COPPS training aims to increase police capacity to plan for complex events

Palestinian Civilian Police (PCP) officers responsible for overseeing the police response to mass events such as riots, demonstrations and sporting fixtures received a five-day training on handling complex operations while keeping people safe and...

Video: Dareen Salhieh, Family Protection Chief Prosecutor

Meet Dareen Salhieh, Family Protection Chief Prosecutor for the Palestinian Public Prosecution. She joined the Public Prosecution in 2002 as the first female Assistant Prosecutor in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. For her, having more women...