Tackling investigation of domestic violence cases

How can cases of violence committed against women and children within the family be investigated more efficiently and bring more perpetrators to justice? 

Enhancing public accountability through stronger internal control mechanisms

As part of the Mission’s strategic advice to the Ministry of Justice, its Rule of Law Section has completed a two-day workshop to support and capacitate the Internal Control Units of the Ministry and other Palestinian institutions.

Interim Strategic Review of the Mission

This week, members of the Integrated Strategic Planning Division of the European Union Crisis Management and Planning Directorate are visiting the occupied Palestinian territory to conduct interim strategic reviews of EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah...

Two Missions join forces to enhance the fight against border crimes

This week, the two EU Missions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah, co-organized a two-day training on effective investigation and prosecution of border related crimes.
Whereas EUPOL COPPS is mentoring and advising...

Community Policing: A vital tool in crime prevention

Community Policing is a collaboration between the police and the community aiming at preventing, pinpointing and solving challenges and problems in the community.

The EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process visits EUPOL COPPS

Today, the European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Ms Susanna Terstal was warmly welcomed by the Head of Mission, Mr. Kauko Aaltomaa to the Mission’s Headquarters in Ramallah.
During her visit to EUPOL COPPS...