Police Advisory Section

The Police Advisory Section (PAS) comprises 27 experienced Advisers, from across the EU Members States, Canada and Norway, who possess expertise in several domains (Criminal Investigation, Uniformed Police, Support and Oversight). The aim of the section is to support the reform and development of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) at strategic and operational levels, with emphasis placed on sustainability and local ownership.

The section covers the full spectrum of policing activities from advisers co-located in the Ministry of the Interior through to supporting heads of departments at headquarters and district levels. PAS provides training and developmental opportunities at strategic and operational levels, playing a pivotal role in supporting and advising the PCP, cooperating with and coordinating the activities of key stakeholders and donors.

The section is currently represented by 10 legal experts from several EU Member States.

EUPOL COPPS is supported by Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and United Kingdom augmented by contributing countries from Canada, Turkey and Norway.