Gender and Human Rights Statement

Since the adoption of the European Union (EU) Comprehensive Approach to the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1325 and 1820 on Women, Peace and Security, the EU has a coherent policy framework to guide its actions on gender equality in peace-building settings.
A gender perspective, encompassing both women and men, should be mainstreamed into EU external actions in order to achieve a comprehensive response to the threats faced by civilian populations in times of conflict and its aftermath, in accordance with international human rights obligations and in line with the EU human rights guidelines. This is an important premise for effective stabilization, peace building, post-conflict reconstruction and institution building.
The European Council adopted an operational paper on ‘the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in the context of ESDP’ in September 2005. This paper contains recommendations regarding the integration of a gender perspective at all stages of ESDP missions/operations, which guides the work of EUPOL COPPS in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). Building on this paper, the Council developed a ‘check list’ which was adopted in July 2006; additionally the Council adopted conclusions on ‘mainstreaming gender in ESDP’ in November 2006, which is being utilized within our Mission.
Gender mainstreaming concerns both sexes, and requires the commitment and participation of both men and women. As an EU mission, we at EUPOL COPPS commit ourselves to gender mainstreaming within our own mission, and to work on the promotion and integration of gender issues with our main partner, the Palestinian Civilian Police (PCP), and our partners within the Palestinian Criminal Justice System (CJS). The PCP and our partners in the CJS are organizations which serve and protect the entire Palestinian population, and as such are obliged and need to be prepared to do so in a gender sensitive and balanced manner.

Our mission will continue to enhance its efforts to assist the PCP and CJS on this very important subject, in a culturally sensitive and effective manner. We aim to do so not only by advising our main Palestinian partners, but also by working with a diverse group of national and international stakeholders, in order to be able to jointly contribute to increased and sustained stability, justice and security for the entire Palestinian population; men, women, boys and girls alike.