Orange Lighting and Cultural Activities in Ramallah Conclude 16 Days of Activism in Palestine

The 16 Days of Activism joint campaign in Palestine “#HearMeToo: Voices against Violence,” which gathered the UN, EUPOL COPPS, EU, its Member States, and international development partners concluded its 16-day joint journey on Monday 10 December. At its closing event, Ramallah Municipality and its dancing fountain were lit orange, while an awarding of a film competition and a theatre performance gathered over 500 audiences in the Medical Relief Hall Ramallah and livestreamed through the Ma’an TV channel.

The 16 Days of Activism joint campaign this year, was the biggest joint campaign of its sort in Palestine in recent years.

Mondays’s orange lighting ceremony at Ramallah Municipality Park was the second lighting ceremony in Palestine following the lighting of the Gaza Lighthouse on 27 November, opening the joint campaign consisting of more than 20 joint events throughout West Bank and Gaza for the last 16 days. Both lighting ceremonies attracted many Palestinians, who brought their family and friends along to enjoy the spectacular scenes of their landmarks lit orange symbolizing a bright and optimistic future of Palestine free from violence.

The last day of the campaign coincided s with the Human Rights Day and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These occasions are significant in calling for equality, dignity, and freedom for people around the globe. It is also an opportunity to recall to states, actors, and duty bearers the significant role and responsibility they bear to achieve the fulfilment of human rights, including those of eliminating violence against women and girls. Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. The impact of violence has serious physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls. It negatively affects women’s general well-being and prevents women from fully participating in society. Violence against women is not only limited to women themselves, but rather entrenches to their families, the community and the country at large.

The partners of the “#HearMeToo: Voices against Violence” joint campaign in Palestine include UN Women, UNFPA, UNESCO, ILO, OHCHR, UNDP, FAO, EU, Italy, Norway, Spain, Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, EUPOL COPPS, MdMF, PWWSD, PCDCR, Ma'an TV, and Nisaa FM.