Why women are capturing Palestinian courtrooms

Over the past decade, the Palestinian justice sector has seen a significant rise in the number of women working in the courtrooms, doubling the number of female judges, prosecutors and registered lawyers. More than 18% of the judges, some 20% of the prosecutors and, the highest percentage, 26% of the registered lawyers, are women.

In general, female participation in the workforce is on the rise in Palestine. For women with a higher education, the participation is almost 50%. In particular, the justice sector stands out. Compared to the relatively low number of female Police Officers, the share of female judges, prosecutors and registered lawyers suggests that women recognise the justice sector as an attractive career option. The progress is very positive and an important step for the empowerment of women in the Palestinian society.

Read some of the reasons for this positive development in the fresh edition of the EUPOL COPPS Newsletter here.

Top Photo: Nisreen Zienah Rishmawi is Chief Prosecutor at the Cybecrime and IT Unit of the Attorney General’s Office and one of the almost 20% female Palestinian prosecutors.
Bottom Photo: “Despite many positive developments, there are still challenges”, says Deputy Head of the Mission’s Rule of Law Section, Märit Bergendahl in the article.