Mastering police tactics in Spain

The Spanish Police hosted a delegation of four senior officers from the Palestinian Civil Police / Special Police Force (SPF) to share innovative new perspectives on tactics and operating procedures, in particular methods to keep citizens safe during mass events such as demonstrations and sporting fixtures.   

During the five-day visit, the Palestinian delegation, headed by Brigadier General Medhat Hijjo, were introduced to the strategic planning methodologies and procedures as well as the Command and Control system used by the Guardia Civil (GC), a law enforcement institution that is regularly cited by Spaniards in opinion polls as one of the country’s most trusted.

“It was possible for the delegation to exchange views with the heads of different units, and for them to find out more about the tactics, techniques and procedures employed during operations, exhibited through very realistic demonstrations and trainings. They also were shown training facilities and training equipment,” said Carlos Pereira, EUPOL COPPS’ Senior Police Adviser/ Specialised Police Force, who coordinated the visit.

“The results of this visit were, in general, considered very positive. I am sure that our Palestinian counterparts have collected very relevant insights,” he concluded.

The event was funded by the European Commission’s Instrument for Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX).