EUPOL COPPS advises Palestinian counterparts how to combat organised crime

To support Palestine in the fight against organised crime, EUPOL COPPS advisers delivered a workshop on 17 February 2020 for 20 officials from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior’s National Programme on Drug Crime and Justice, senior police officers from the Anti Narcotics Department and scholars from Birzeit University.
The advisers from Finland, Italy and Romania underlined the importance of having a robust legislative framework as well as a national strategy bringing together different agencies to successfully combat organised crime.
“Modern criminal networks are complex and operate in many different spheres of life - it is therefore very important to have a comprehensive approach on how to recognise and combat organised crime. It is particularly important for law enforcement and rule of law institutions to work together, and this is why it is so encouraging that representatives from different Palestinian institutions are in the room,“ said Michele Tarlao, EUPOL COPPS Anti-Narcotics and Organised Crime Advisor.
The workshop provided advice and guidance on how to set up a national strategy for combating organised crime, including the tools and measures that should be considered to implement the strategy in an effective fashion.
“Organised crime is a continuing criminal enterprise that rationally works to profit from illicit activities that are often in great public demand,” noted Jari-Pekka Paajala EUPOL COPPS Prosecution Expert. “Its continuing existence is too often maintained through the corruption of public officials as well as the use of intimidation, threats or force to protect its operations. Raising awareness of public officials on the methods used by organised crime groups is therefore key”.
EUPOL COPPS advisers stated that they were ready to support all efforts by Palestinian authorities to draft a national strategy and legislation in the area of organised crime.